Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

Anselm Kiefer's Airplane (Sugar) ~ after Elaine Sturtevant (0:50 min.)

Anselm Kiefer's Airplane after Elaine Sturtevant's "Kiefer Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit", 1992

It looks like Elaine Sturtevant build Anselm Kiefer's lead airplane as an exact copy - but she pointed out, that it isn't neither a copy nor a reconstruction, but better explained with a recreation or new creation.

I used sugar to recreate Elaine Sturtevant's Anselm Kiefer's lead airplane, as I keep it in my memory from an exhibition at the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, at the 25th of September 2004. I was so impressed and had to think about it from time to time, that I now took one step further and created Sturtevant's airplane (made by Kiefer as one of seven) with lumps of sugar.

" Baudrillard's Hyperrealism

Baudrillard argues that the space that reality once occupied has now been flooded with "meticulous reduplication" to the point that the line between the real and the representation has become blurred or all but lost. He calls this hyperrealism and notes that it is an evolution from surrealism. In surrealism, realism is "redoubled" with elements of the subconscious imaginary. Surrealism sought to expose the blocked reality of dreams. It mixed realism with fantasy and the unreal. Now that unreality is no longer found in the imagery manifest in dreams, but in the representation of the real because the representation has a sort of déjà vu dream-like nature. Baudrillard also says that surrealism is limited to expressing itself in "privileged moments," such as art and the imaginary, whereas hyperrealism is evident in many facets of culture—"political, social, historical, and economic reality." Thus, hyperrealism is a more developed form than surrealism that has spread from its original container of art to all parts of reality. Particularly, it challenges traditional notions about identity because subjectivity is grounded in images, and our relationships to them in delineating what is real and what is not. Though the hyperreal has an affect on culture as a whole, the impact of hyperrealism, and the culture of simulation that it perpetuates, is readily identified in art because of modern technology's ability to mass reproduce. This is paired with a society based on the foundation of mass media consumption."

Daniel Yang
Identity in a Hyperrealistic Society

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