Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

Jakob Böhme ~ Mysterium (4:49 min.)

"I contemplated man's little spark, what it should be valued before God along side of this great work of heaven and earth.

I therefore became very melancholy and highly troubled. No Scripture could comfort me, though I was quite well versed in it.

When in such sadness I earnestly elevated my spirit into God and locked my whole heart and mind,

along with all my thoughts and will, therein, ceaselessly pressing in with God's Love and Mercy, and not to cease until he blessed me

then after some hard storms my spirit broke through hell's gates into the inmost birth of the Godhead, and there I was embraced with Love as a bridegroom embraces his dear bride.

What kind of spiritual triumph it was I can neither write nor speak; it can only be compared with that where life is born in the midst of death, and is like the resurrection of the dead.

In this light my spirit directly saw through all things, and knew God in and by all creatures, even in herbs and grass.

In this light my will grew in great desire to describe the being of God.

I did not climb up into the Godhead, neither can so mean a man as I am do it; but the Godhead climbed up in me, and revealed such to me out of his Love.

For I saw and knew the Being of all beings, the ground and the unground; the birth of the holy trinity; the source and origin of this world and all creatures in divine Wisdom (Sophia). "

Jakob Böhme, Aurora, 1612
Letters, 1730 edition

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